How to Apply

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Minimum Qualifying Requirements

  • Proof of open checking account (bank statement)
  • A blank check from that account
  • State ID
  • Proof of income (paycheck stub or award letter)
  • One utility bill to verify residence


On the loan application, we also ask for the names, addresses, and phone numbers of your two nearest relatives and three personal references.

Loan Process

The process time for a loan is usually around 10 minutes, but it can take longer depending on accurate paperwork and how busy the office is at that time. We can't accept applications for payday cash advance loans online, but if you fill in the basic contact information below, one of our friendly representatives from your nearest location will contact you shortly.

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contact us to learn more & to get the cash you need in a hurry!

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Please Read Before Proceeding: By clicking the Submit button I hereby authorize American Cash Advance and its affiliates and/or service providers to use my personal and confidential information in any manner consistent with the American Cash Advance privacy policy which can be viewed on the Rates & Terms page on this site. I certify that the information supplied by me is true and correct. I also expressly authorize American Cash Advance and/or its service provider to contact me regarding this application. Any false statement made by me shall be sufficient basis for rejection. I have read and understood the above statements. I acknowledge that this application and any supporting documentation provided with it is the property of American Cash Advance. I represent that I am neither a current nor a former American Cash Advance employee. I attest that I am not a regular or reserve member of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard, serving on active duty under a call or order that does not specify a period of 30 days or less. Nor am I an Active Guard and/or Reserve member of the military currently serving on active duty or who has served on active duty within the past 180 days, nor am I a spouse, child, or other dependent person who derives more than one-half of my monetary support from a member of the military who is on active duty or has been on active duty within the past 180 days.

I certify that I am at least 18 years of age. 

You warrant that all of the information you have provided to us in this form is true, correct and complete.
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